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Adinkra Heights

The Adinkra Heights (Switchback Park Development Package D) development is one of the residential development packages within the Switchback Park Project. The development is a twin block storey apartment building made up of 77 homes that will comprise 2- bedrooms, 3-bedrooms, 4-bedrooms and 2-penthouses with complementary retail use within the Switchback Park Project.

Design Concept

The Switchback Development Package D was designed as part of the Switchback Park master plan by a team of architects with over 15 years of architecture and construction experience with a deep knowledge of the Ghanaian culture and construction industry. The Residential Development and surrounding developments seek to breathe new life into this area of Accra, providing a vibrant and modern landscape, cultivating civic pride and unique sense of place. This is an exceptionally well-considered landmark development, demonstrating the significant benefits of strategic master planning and sets the standards for future developments in Accra.

Property Description

The structure provides grade A residential space designed to be one of Ghana’s iconic mixed use properties and exhibiting a beautiful landscape. It is an environmentally friendly building that exhibits a life cycle of modern residential complex technologies. It is inculcated with passive design features that allow optimum preservation of building energy and that high use of natural day lighting and ventilation. The design offers breathtaking view of the city and the treatment on most part of the envelope will preserve and maintain the building lasting several decades.

Facilities planned for the residential development include ground and underground level car park, secured access, CCTV surveillance, swimming pool, elevators, air conditioning, electric farm (backup generator sets, transformer, diesel tank), water storage and pumping systems, firefighting systems together with a 24 hour property management, maintenance and security service.

Sited within the Switchback Park Development, the Residential and retail development will also benefit from communal and recreational facilities including : a lush landscaped city square of 3.85 acres; Pedestrian amenities like a promenade and a plaza; Civic art installations; café, gym and laundry.


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